10 Reasons Why Direct Mail Is Still Relevant

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Despite the fact that many business owners view direct mail as archaic and out of date, the truth remains that direct mail is still as relevant as it has always been. Although many businesses fail to take advantage of direct mail because of the recent upsurge in digital marketing hence they fail to see the great importance of direct marketing in their marketing strategy.

One of the most compelling importance of direct marketing is that it is much more personal than email and many people are more influenced by direct marketing than they are with the email.

Here are some reasons why direct mail is still relevant even with the upsurge of digital marketing.

  1. Direct Mail Is Tangible. Direct mail is still relevant because people still prefer to receive actual mail that they can hold by hand rather than being bombarded with so many emails which becomes difficult to read through.
  2. Direct Mail has a High Return Of Investment. Direct mail gives the opportunity to have a one on one contact with your recipients and hence improve the client’s attachment and loyalty to your brand.
  3. Direct Mail Can Be Measured. With direct mail measuring your impact on the market and determining what works for you and what does not is less stressful and gives a more accurate result too.
  4. Direct Mail Stands Out. When compared to email direct mail stands out. Not all emails received are read, your email might just be among the many unread messages, but with direct mail, there is an assurance that your message will get to the home and hands of your recipient.
  5. Direct Mail Is Personal. Even with the rise in social media and email marketing, direct mail still remains relevant because it is highly personalized. In the direct mail, you can address your recipient by their name.  A well designed and personalized mail will definitely get the attention of your recipient completely.
  6. Direct Mail Gets Undivided Attention. Social media sites are known to use ads to overcrowd their page and most users find it annoying and discouraging to use but in direct mail marketing, your message gets undivided attention from your audience as there is no other information contending for their attention.
  7. It Increases Your Brand Awareness. Constantly contacting your audience through direct mail keeps your brand awake in their mind.
  8. Direct Mail Can Be Used For All Age Group. This is one of the reasons why direct mail remains relevant despite all odds because with it you are able to reach all age groups mainly the aged in the society who finds it hard to use social media and other digital platforms.
  9. Direct Mail Is More Rewarding When Mixed With Digital marketing. Experienced marketers will not rely solely on digital marketing but will combine a mix of both direct mail and digital marketing to achieve the best result.
  10. Direct Mail Targets Your Ideal Clients Better Than You Might Think. You are able to target and reach your audience better with direct mail.

Although there are many speculations that direct mail Is as good as dead, the above reasons are enough to counter that speculation and prove that direct mail is still very much relevant.

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