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The healthcare industry is increasingly becoming competitive, with marketing professionals exploiting their sense of creativity to map out strategies that will put the different organizations they represent in front of the competition with better brand awareness and greater positive sentiments. This revolution have forced owners of medical facilities that are not leveling up to come out of their shells and plan strategies that will help them meet up expectations in the present day medical world. There are only a few things that matter when it comes to putting your medical brand in front of an audience and Direct mailing is definitely somewhere at the top of the list. Today, let’s talk about 10 highly effective ways direct mail can bring the revolution you seek in your medical organization.

  1. Generate Working Traffic

While it may be a little difficult to drive much audience to your medical facility as a starter, recent marketing breakthroughs are actually prove that you can. It doesn’t even have to be too difficult, just host a grand opening event with the right people in attendance, and you’re good to go. It could even be a free health seminar week or a day for lower cost checkup. Direct mail will help you get the right audience to these events without too much stress.

  1. Patients Demographic Data

In the medical field, everybody knows the advantages of follow up visits by patients. It at least helps the medical experts to keep tabs with the recovery rate of the patient. This is the reason why most hospitals prefer to have accurate patient demographic data, but of what good is this data when you don’t have the right means to reach the patients? Direct mail is the most effective means to reach patients with assurance that they’ll get it and read it.

  1. Health Reminders & Tips

We’ve talked a bit about this in the previous point. Various seasons and periods come with their own share of health concerns within the community. When such issues arise, how do you get across to a particular target patients to come for checkups and vaccines, if not through a system that guarantees to be in their hands, without fear of network or power failure.

  1. Generate Sales Lead

You are in the medical line to make profit. In fact, almost every businesses exist primarily to make profit. Gaining sales lead certainly require dedication and hardwork, especially when it’s about creating a personal relationship with repeat customers. But you can do it through the direct marketing system, just have the right message driven down the heart of potential or one time customers through a compelling direct mail, and you’ll have them running to your gates in no time.

  1. Patients Review and Testimonials

Good Reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients are not gold just in the medical line, it is needed in almost all industries, ask CEOs. If you have not reached the level where you’re getting good reviews from your clients, then you need to upgrade. You can start by creating a direct mail piece, highlighting some very good reviews and testimonials, then presenting it to prospective patients to make it easier to let them see how great your performance is.

  1. Thank You Cards

Recognizing customer loyalty is one great way to make customers stay. In the medical world, patients appreciate even the smallest things you do for them. You don’t know how much a thank you card or a get well soon card means to their lives. Just say something nice on them and get them sent across on direct mailing and you’ll be surprised on its impact.

  1. Announcements

Getting across to patients in good time is key to a lot of things. Imagine announcing to them about the new doctor or the most recent addition to the organization. This will keep them abreast of important information and at the same time make them feel like a family to you.

  1. Cross-Sell or Up-sell

We can’t overemphasize the need to have a great Up-sell strategy, considering that it helps drive more income into the organization and this is the main purpose behind the running if every medical organizations, apart from healing.

  1. Co-branding With Other Companies

Yes, it is so important to reach wider audience, but how can you go about this if you don’t have the right means. One of the most reliable way of grabbing new customers is by creating direct mail campaigns that feature  lots of co-branding with other progress oriented companies.

  1. Augmenting Other Media Efforts

Direct mail have proven to be vital in dragging the attention of people to other media. It could be your website, a social media page or just anything. Direct mail is your perfect way for letting the people know about the other options they can reach you from.


These tips shouldn’t be alien to you. They are points that are relevant to everyday marketing goals. Direct mail may look like it’s going out of trend, but I kid you not, it is still one of the best ways to reach your audience and best of all, compel their audience to act on them.

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