4 Design Tips To Improve Your Newsletter

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1. Create a header

There’s no doubt about it; your newsletter should have a header. The is pretty much the same as a title, headline, or website name. The header is the very first thing people will see when they read your newsletter. So, it’s essential that you include one for maximum success.

2. Incorporate a Color Scheme

Your newsletter should have a color scheme that represents your brand. So, the header, logo, and the body of your newsletter should all have a consistent color scheme that matches your brand. Let’s face it, the colors in your logo should be the theme for your entire branding.

3. Use Standard Fonts

When deciding which font to use for your newsletter, you should always try to stick to standard fonts that are well known. These fonts include Times New Roman, Helvetica or Arial. You should avoid using too many fonts in one newsletter. Using too many fonts will make your newsletter look unorganized and cluttered.

4. Use subheadings

Your newsletter should have some different pieces of content that are split up by subheadings. It needs to look and feel a lot like a newspaper. The subtitles really should be in one of the clear fonts that you selected. The height and width of the subheadings ought to be not as big as what’s utilized in your header, but more significant than the text you employ for articles.

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