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Postcards are used to send short messages, especially to loved ones and friends. They go way back as far as the late 1800s and early 1900s. They are usually made up of pictures, short notes or messages on a thick piece of paper, addressed to a recipient. And of course, a stamp, no envelope required.

In the 21st century, however, the use of postcards have expanded as they can be designed for various reasons. For example,  they can be used to promote a business, to enlighten people about an event or occasion, to probably just share one’s creativity (like artwork) or simply to let someone know they are thought of or remembered. One can even design a postcard on the internet to suit one’s desires.

Below, are four important things to work on when designing a postcard;

The Purpose: it’s important to be sure of what the postcard is for.  Like earlier mentioned,  if it’s to create awareness about an event,  or to send some love to a dear person, etc. Using similar postcards may not readily achieve your goal.

Knowing what the postcard is for, will definitely be the first step in the right direction. It will give time for one to be able to streamline ideas rather than search through countless designs that have nothing to do with the reason you need the postcard in the first place.

Target the right audience/market or receiver: this step naturally follows the first. Knowing what the postcard is for, aids the person sending it to have an idea of who will be receiving it. A good example is,  you cannot send a ‘Get Well Soon’ message in a postcard intended to promote one’s jewelry business.  It just will not fly.

It is of paramount importance that the right message gets delivered to the right person or group of people.

Be creative: this is the fun part of designing a postcard. Let your imagination soar. Do not be afraid to use bright, happy colors or beautiful pictures even if they aren’t of any popular landmark or buildings.

You are definitely allowed to personalize your craft, your artwork. Let the message be clear and concise; you don’t want your correspondent to lose interest after the first few lines. Play with different fonts, colors, images. You can even use different shapes and sizes. No one said a postcard must remain rectangular in shape. Customize your work,  put in something that’s unique. Something that is you, as a person or company or idea.

Get Feedback: as much as we sometimes fear that our ideas could be stolen,  its advisable to always get a second or third opinion. What someone can point out or input could improve your design drastically. Moreover, you can’t know it all, and when you get feedback, it helps you grow more and become better at what you do, in this case, designing that unique postcard.

If you are working as a team, always make sure you work together and give everyone’s idea of fair hearing. You never know if the one you ignore could be the one.

Go ahead and design those awesome postcards. Remember to make each one unforgettable and beautiful.

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