4 Tips To Improve Postcard Call To Action

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       Tips To Improve Postcard Call To Action

A postcard call to action needs to be done strategically for positive results to be achieved. A call to action (CTA) is a compelling instruction sent to a target audience to trigger an immediate response. Having sent a postcard, it is important to do a review from time to time. Did the last postcard meet or exceed expectations? Are there other ways to improve your postcards to attract more audience? These are questions that should be asked and answered appropriately.

Here are 4 tips to improve postcards call to action;

      Make it Clear, Actionable and Realistic

Clarity is very important. The message you are passing across should be clear and easily understood. Don’t mince words. Focus on one thing and don’t confuse your audience. Your message should be in a well-structured manner that invokes a mind. Make it practical, relating it with what your audience is familiar with but define your uniqueness. Demonstrate appropriately what needs to be done. Simplicity is key. Be careful not to talk about things that are unrealistic, it can easily turn your audience off.

       Make a compelling offer

An offer that will encourage them to give it a trial can be used to compel your audience. Sometimes it’s good to compel people with an offer they cannot resist. Make it desirable as much as you can. A compelling offer doesn’t have to go beyond your capacity or cripple the business; be strategic. People are always interested in freebies, do a promotional offer to increase your chances of getting more response.

       Put yourself in your audience’s shoe

This will make you familiar with what your audience really wants. Answer likely questions that could be asked. Would you also go for what you’re marketing if you were in their shoe and why? Are you adding any value as much as you put it? Why should I buy the product? What benefits do I stand to gain?

      Catchy headlines

 This is the first thing your audience sees. You have to be very creative and be able to get their attention with your headline. You could make use of current trending words to coin out something and have a great design too. colors are appealing to the eye and make it interesting to read along too. Ensure that the headline is bold and convincing enough. It should always stand out.

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