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It is obvious that direct mail has a response rate that is very effective. Gathering funds through direct mail is therefore a good idea. Direct mail fundraising involves penning down appeals that builds connections between your non-profit organization and your donors. These appeals are for donations and they are sent as direct mails to intending and prospective donors. The appeals can come in many shapes and sizes. They could come in form of written letters, pamphlets or postcards. Before sending our your next batch of direct mails, you may want to check out these few hacks on how to design it.

Your fundraising direct mail needs to be captivating and compelling and this is how.

  • Make Designs For All Types Of Readers

There are three types of readers. The scanners, the skimmers and the readers. Scanners only have your mail in their hands for about 10 seconds, during this time they recognize that it is an appeal for funds and they toss it out. The skimmers read your headlines go through your pictures and maybe even your agenda. The readers, this group takes the time to go through your mail and actually absorb each detail concerning your organization, purpose and how they can donate. They analyze each detail of your mail to ascertain its originality before they can make donations. Keep in mind that this reader can be someone who is genuinely interested in your organization or an old person who just likes reading pamphlets. Your design has to accommodate all types of readers and keep them captivated.  In general, your target should be both scanners and readers because skimmers hardly donate.

  • Be Captivating

You need to remember what people will read first in your direct mail and capitalize on that. Headlines, captions, pictures, and your organizations slogan are the first things any reader sees. This means that to receive many donations, your direct mail should be designed in such a way that whoever reads the first line will understand your cause. Remember to tell your story in the body of the direct mail. A simple paragraph on why you need the money and what the readers funds can change will go a long way in the convincing process.

  • Be Specific

No one wants to spend all day figuring out what your organization is about and as such your direct mail should be brief and very straightforward. Use simple sentences if you can an prevent conflicting words. Remember to ask for a specific range of money to enable readers with different financial capabilities to donate. A simple Help us fight poverty in Africa by donating $30, $100, $200 or more will get you the funding you deserve.

  • Be Diverse

If you want to mail to a particular address twice a month then your content has to be different both times. Readers do not like reading the same thing over again. Be creative, send your house file different types of fundraising direct mails. In summary, your organization should be sending newsletters, invitations, updates, ask and non ask letters etc. Keeping it varied prevents prospective donors from getting bored or feeling hassled.


Using the direct mails fundraising strategy is a sure win for non profit organizations. These tips are not rules but only guidelines in getting you that funding.

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