5 Advantages Of A Political Direct Mail Campaign

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1. The Ability to Personalize

Voters want their concerns heard. Every individual has their own experience. With direct mail marketing, you have the ability to personalize your platform in a unique and individualized way. If your campaign organizes what your audiences’ concerns, values, and beliefs are in the individualize fashion, the more you can enhance your authenticity.

The more individual and personal your mail marketing becomes, the more trust you can obtain. You now have the ability to address individual concerns with direct mail marketing. This will most likely turn the voters leaning into your campaign because of the trust you’ve created through a personalized experience.

2.The Motivation and Trust lies in Print

According to a neuromarketing study in Canada, The motivational impact direct mail marketing has is 20% higher than digital media. It also requires 21% less cognitive energy to process and retain the information.  This study also demonstrates, “Digital marketing requires more brain power than direct mail. This is a critical point because consumers always prefer the path of least resistance.” The more engaging and less difficult something is to process the more likely a voter will trust your campaign.

3. Direct Mail Gives You More Creative License With Your Message

In the same neuromarketing study the results states, “Sensory direct mail out performed non-sensory direct mail’s motivational score by 12%.” Mail marketing messages that engaged other senses such as auditory or had a scent had a persuasive and engaging story, therefore making it more memorable.

4. Direct Mail Resonates Well With A Younger Audience

According to USPS, 24% of business have the misconception that millennials aren’t engaged in direct mail. This statistic works to their disadvantage. This study demonstrates that millennials are more likely than other previous generation to scan, sort, read, and, share the mail receive. Millennials being known to be the most politically active generation, targeting them with direct mail marketing is an effective strategy that may lead to more results.

5. Direct Mail Marketing May Yield Same Cost-Benefits As Digital Marketing

According to USPS study, 60% of business believe that a mail marketing has a high cost per impression. While direct mail may have a large investment. However, the ROI for direct mail is about the same as social media. However with the statistics and engagement being higher to direct mail marketing, this may be the better marketing strategy.

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