5 Must-Use Postcard Design Tips

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While postcards are of different types and variations, their uniqueness lies in the intended purpose. Their sizing makes them limiting in nature – when it comes to messaging and pictures/optics, but are pretty effective in communicating the central message. In marketing/advertising, they can be used for sales, as a form of appreciation, a marketing/PR invitation, etc.

Another unique appeal that comes with a postcard is its visual properties. Most customers might not be inclined to look at your postcard for more than a couple of seconds before dumping it in the trash, so you want to grab their attention in a minute. Make them look at the postcard again and read every content till they are driven to reach out to you.

Just as it is with food, “you eat with your eyes first”, so to get the most of your postcard and ensure your customers do too; consider checking out these design tips below:

  1. Proportion of Print Quality to Your Design

It’s not enough to design your postcard digitally and having the result in a mock-up. You also want to take note of the physical result of your postcard. What will the print weight feel like? What kind(s) of print do you think will produce the crisp version your design will be appealing in? These are things to consider even in the design process.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Brand Premise

A really important thing that is easy to forget is the brand’s premise and overall identity. Just like every other marketing material, your postcard has to abide by the color schemes/rules of your brand or the brand you are designing for (if you are a designer). Other factors like the font and the tone of your brand pose to customers should also be put into consideration and retained throughout your design.

  1. Let Your Visuals Match Your Reasons

Just like our food analogy above, a well-designed postcard attracts your customer better. A lot of thought needs to be put into the arrangement of your design components. For example, images are usually noticed faster when placed on the right. In some cases, they might take an entire side. Make sure you aren’t placing your images or even your text wrongly.

  1. Always “KISS” Your Postcards

This mostly applies to your copy. Keep it short and simple. Make sure your text is legible, typography is easy on the eyes and your message is creative. Though a postcard is brief in terms of content, tell a story with your message, that leaves them smiling and pondering on why they deserve an amazing brand like yours.

  1. Show Off Your Logo

If you don’t show off your logo, who will? Let your logo be the welcome committee of one that says hello to your customer at first contact with your postcard. Even if customers leave your postcard to come back to it later, your logo be the reason they remember.

Have fun designing your postcard and good luck with your customers!

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