5 Tips For A Successful Political Fundraising Direct Mail Campaign

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  1. You Core Message Is Authentic

People want to be a part of a mission and message that has an overall good impact. This is the crux of where your funding will come from.  If your political campaign can convey this, it will have a personal impact that may resonate deeply with your voters. People also want connection. They want to connect with the messages that they identify with because this belief will empower them to convince others. You can curate this personal experience with direct mail marketing. It would be an experience that would have a unique and individualized angle in a way that direct marketing does not convey.

  1. Offer More Ways To Get Involved

Don’t make the only call to action donating towards the campaign. If they can’t donate give them another reason to be involved. This will demonstrate that giving a donation isn’t the only way to support and ensure a different way to be involved towards the campaign. A USPS statistic demonstrates that digital engagement heightens after direct mail. If you give the call to action for crowdfunding towards your campaign but other ways to interact, it will engage your voters in other ways.

  1. Curate Your Message To Specific Audience

Direct Mail gives the opportunity to target your audience in an individualized way. In digital marketing media, people are looking for ways to constantly get an idea of how to individualize the experience to get people more drawn to their experience. Direct Mail marketing gives you this naturally. You know your demographic and want political messages are more important than others. You can send those messages at the forefront of your campaign with each individual letter. This will demonstrate you know what you’re audience needs and will more likely vote for you.

  1. Incorporate The Fundraising In More Than One Avenue

Since data shows the engagement heightens after direct mail impact. Bring the fundraising onto different platforms. This will also increase your brand awareness as you go through your campaign process. If you include all these different avenues in the beginning with your direct mail campaign. It will give your voters more ways to advocate for the message that they’ve already increased.

  1. Create Something Memorable About Your Campaign

You want your audience to remember your candidate. You want your audience to remember your direct mail campaign. Since the direct mail creates such an personal impact, you want to leave your audience with something that will remain in their memory when they decide to fundraise for your campaign.

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