5 Tips To Make Your Non-profit Direct Mail Campaign A Success

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In a world where digital media rules and is used by everyone, direct mail campaign has the unique elements it adds to marketing strategies that will make customers buy the idea or service been sold to them. A recent survey carried out showed that 70% of Americans find mails to be personal when delivered directly to them than when they read it off the internet while some client agrees to try new business ventures/services because of the direct mail they received.

 When business owners and service providers learn how they make use of the direct mail for non-profits service, their network is expanded, and the productivity of their marketing campaign is improved. Even when soliciting donations from individuals and organizations, the non-profit direct mail method of marketing is very efficient.

Here are 5 tips to make your non-profit direct mail campaign a success:

  • Always test your mailing ideas; it is of utmost importance to test your mailing ideas by before a wide distribution is carried out so valuable resources are not wasted.
  • Knowledge of your goal: As an organization or an individual, before sending out a direct mail, each should bear in mind what they plan to achieve with this strategy. Your goal would help narrow down your mailing list to a sector, it would also influence your call to action and the design of your mail.
  • Keep your regular donors in the know by getting in touch with them on news concerning latest projects but do not over bug them with mails so they don’t develop ill-feelings towards your non-profit campaign. Your regular and top donors should be treated to special promotions and discounts as that would get them to feel more committed to your non-profit campaign.
  • As a part of your marketing strategy, try out different factors to increase the chance of success with your mailing campaign. Examples are language and phrasing, mailing layout, images used, mail styling etc. try this out and get to understand what donors are appealed to mostly.
  • Make your mail style more appealing and fun to read through. Fonts, images, word spacing are all appealing to donors and can catch their attention. Let the idea of your non-profit campaign be known, what you have already done and achieved and where their help can come in. All these can help improve the rate of success of a non-profit direct mail campaign

Direct mail for non-profits in-turn keeps the service provider in constant contact with past and potential donors. Give it a try today.

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