6 Best Practice for effective Postcard Design

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The postcard is a simple and easy way to target a particular market without breaking the bank. However, don’t be deceived by its appearance because it’s the most important marketing weapon in a good businessman’s arsenal.

6 Tips for an Effective Design are

Use High-Quality Color Graphics: postcards are made of paper, to get the customer to read and act on it; it deserves a good quality print that will keep them glued to the card. In a bid to search for good quality graphics, avoid using too many colors that will crowd the card making it like child’s play. Choose and use colors that enhance the message that the postcard is trying to deliver to the customers. For example, the above postcard is for a real estate company. The picture of the house is the dream home for everyone and this is the endearing factor of this card aside from the discount. So let your main message take center stage in good quality graphic, don’t compromise else your business suffers.

Have a Call to Action: the aim is to get the customers or reader to perform a task that relates to your company. So a call to action can be in the form of the” bad credit- ok, Low-interest rate”. This line will endear so many readers, especially the potential homeowner with bad credit and want to buy a home. Your call to action should be sited where the reader will see it and speak to his/her conscience and use a bright color to make your CTA stand out on the postcard

Add a Contact: your contact and QR code allow customers or readers to easily get in touch with you and the offer. Let your contact details be bold and correct. To avoid any mistake, ensure that every detail on the postcard is correct, and have another set of eyes go through it to avoid customer complaining of not reaching you for details. If you are using a QR code, make sure it leads the customer directly to the offer page and nowhere else.

Keep it Simple: you must have heard this a million times when it comes to postcards. Avoid too many words and explanations. The postcard is the tip of the iceberg for the information you want to pass across. So please don’t chock the paper with words, it translates to your customers too. Remember less is more in the world of the postcards.

Use Images that support your Brand: although the internet is full of images; designing your own image brand will distinguish your personality on a paper. Aside from this, internet images have copyright attached to them and a low resolution, and will not speak to your client, especially if they have seen the image elsewhere.

Know your Audience: this includes knowing your audience and niche for your brand. Let your postcard fulfilled and cater to your audience needs and desires.

A postcard is a picture with words on it. If a picture says a thousand, a postcard should say more. Don’t you think so?

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