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A lot is changing about methods of raising funds for nonprofit organizations. You now have to engage a lot of expertise to be able to convert potential donors to actual donors. You can stand your organization out if you add the right approach to your direct mailing campaign. Here are 6 professional tips that will help you develop the perfect fundraising strategy.

  1. Replenish Your Donor List if it’s Diminishing

A major advantage of direct mail is that it gives you express access to personalize your donor list. Once your direct mail is able to convince a donor to give, probability exist that they’ll continue to give for life.

This is the reason why your direct mail list is one of your most prized possession. Getting the right list is important because these lists will contribute to the survival of your nonprofit in the long run. One thing is for sure – times will come when your house list will drop, at such times, you must find strategies to replenish if your organization must keep going.

  1. Direct Mail Still Works

Although a lot of digital channels are springing up today, direct marketing is by far still the most effective for converting potential donors into actual donors. Direct mail has stayed on, despite all inventions and renovations in the technical world. While other channels may reach a wider audience, they do not guarantee to be as compelling as direct mail can be when it comes to bringing your organization’s needs to the table of prospective donors.

  1. Support Your Other Giving Channels

While we advice the use of direct mail for soliciting for donations, we still cannot write off the effects of other means. Use direct mail to connect donors to other means like your Media channels. This way, potential donors can get to learn more about your organizational objectives, mission and what you’ve done so far. This could be the turning point for your organization in converting the right donors.

  1. Test It On All Ages

There seems to be a lot of misconception about direct mail today. A lot of people even opine that direct mail is only effective on seniors. That’s not true. Recent research even reveals a massive response level among people of 18-34 years old. So you want to step ahead of the stereotypes and test your campaign on everybody, hoping that it gets effective.

  1. Be Creative With Your Designs

Designs play a very vital role in determining whether your prospective donor opens your letter eventually. Poor designs are great turnoff and will likely lead to your direct mails been abandoned, but when you have cool designs, the receiver of your mail gets compelled to open and see what you have in offer for them. It is also required that you look at cost when selecting the design that will work best for your organization.

  1. Show Your Donors Their Impact

Nothing motivates donors to give more than seeing that their donations are actually put in good use. It is in fact the most effective approach to get donors to make more donations. Tell them stories of how their donations have affected lives and how they’ve supported you morally and financially. This will tug on their emotions and force them to give more.


Soliciting for donation is quite difficult, it takes the right approach to be successful in it. Follow these tips and you’ll be surprised at the results that you will be getting in a short time.

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