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After doing a job for your clients, it is important you invoice your bills to them so that you can get paid as at when due. The way you mail your invoice may determine how soon you get paid. In mailing your invoices to your client, you must ensure you are doing it right so that there won’t be any delay when it comes to receiving your payments. No one wants to be denied of his/her payments after putting in a strong shift. This is why you need to be painstaking in the manner in which you mail your invoices so that you can get paid on time. Below are some 7 tips you can adopt in mailing out a better invoice that gets you paid on time.

  1. Be Specific in Your Invoice

A good invoice must be specific in terms of stating the amount of money to be paid, the terms of payment (part or full), and the date of payment. Mailing an invoice without all these components would create a doubt in the mind of your clients and it may well be what will stop you from getting paid as and when due.

  1. Be Polite in Your Invoice

Sometimes, we often underrate what words like thank you, please, I would appreciate, etc. does. When mailing your invoice, ensure it is accompanied by polite words like thank you for doing business with me. These words could be the difference between getting paid on time and not.

  1. Keep to Timing with Your Invoice

Ensure you keep to timing when sending out your invoices. If you are not keeping to the deadlines set by your client in sending out your invoice, it actually speaks a lot about the kind of person you are. Your client too might think if he isn’t keeping up to the deadline in mailing in his invoice, why should I do same in paying?

  1. Use Incentivized Invoicing

People like taking things for granted until incentives are attached. The incentive might not be only positive, it may be negative too. You may be advised to tell your clients that there is an incentive for paying their invoices early. You could include a 2% off for early payment. Also, you can decide to inform your clients of a 2% penalty for late payments. This would spur them on to pay on time.

  1. Use Latest Invoicing Templates

Don’t be left in the past. You should ensure you are using the trending invoice templates when mailing your invoice. No one wants to be taken back to an analog past in a digital world. Use modern templates in mailing your invoices to get paid.

  1. Automate Your Invoices

There could be a time when you can’t send your invoices because you are too busy or for some other reasons. Because of a time like this, you should consider automating your invoice. This will give you a rest of mind as you know you are covered.

  1. Follow Up

Your clients are human. This means they can forget to pay your invoices sometimes. Because of situations like this, you are advised to follow up your invoice with friendly reminders. This would make the clients keep you in mind and help you getting paid at the right time.

Following these simple steps would ensure you mail out very good invoices that are very effective at getting you paid as and when due.

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