9 Useful Tips For Non-profit Direct Mail Successes

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As much as direct mail has been one of the best fundraising means for nonprofits, it is not always successful. While some nonprofits have recorded success making use of direct mail, many others have failed. Here are 9 useful tips nonprofits can engage to achieve success with direct mail.

  • Always Proofread Your Direct Mail

In order to attain success making use of direct mail, it is very important that the contents of your direct mail is evaluated. Make sure that you proofread it over and over again to avoid any form of error. A mail filled with obvious errors will fail as the receiver will lose interest in reading it, talk more of attending to it.

  • Don’t Make Use Of Prospecting Mail When Starting Out

When starting out as a nonprofit, it is not advisable to make use of prospecting mail. This is because prospecting mail takes a lot of time to master the structure. Starting out with a prospecting mail without mastering its structure can result in unprecedented loss.

  • Make Use of House File Mail Instead

When starting out newly as a nonprofit, it is better to make use of the house file mail. This mail type is the type being used to reach out to existing donors who have donated to your organization at one point or the other.

  • Know When To Send Your Direct Mails

Everything done at the right time always yield the desired outcome. This is same with direct mail. A direct mail sent at the right time will always result in the recipient donating to your nonprofit. On the contrary, no matter how good a direct mail is presented, if sent at the wrong time, it is bound to fail.

  • Handle Your Mailing List With Care

Handling your mailing list being your major source of raising funds for your nonprofit, requires care. This means that you don’t always send mail making requests alone to your donors, but from time to time you keep your donors updated with happenings and projects of the organization, as well as appreciating them for the impact they are making on the organization.

  • Constantly Measure and Test Your Direct Mail

To attain success with direct mail, it is very important to constantly measure and test direct mail. Always remember that attaining success requires a lot of effort. Through testing, you are able to know what strategy works best and when that strategy is to be used.

  • Variable Data Works Best

Variable data and images in line with the activities carried out by your organization can be helpful if included in direct mail being sent out. This helps in making your direct mail unique to you, and creates the desired impression in the minds of your sponsors and donors.

  • Make Your Donors Know You Have Received Their Donations

Gratitude is a very good way to open up doors to several opportunities. As a nonprofit reaching out to donors through direct mail, it is very important your acknowledge their donations whenever you receive them and communicate your gratitude to them in the best possible way.

  • Always Provide a Link To Your Website and Social Media Accounts

Always make sure that your webpage and social media accounts are linked to your direct mailing list and vice versa. Make sure every mail you’re sending out reflects on it a link to your website and social media accounts so as to let donors engage with you across these platforms.

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