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A good political campaign is going to require effective strategy and good communication. It requires knowing your audience and being able to meet their needs.

Direct Mail is Successful Because Of Its Personalization Effects

In a political campaign, the personal is political. Direct Mail gives you the ability to personalize your message in a way that digital media cannot. Organize your campaign’s messages to specific sections of your audience and it will create influence with a deeper personal impact. If an individual feels that there is a personal connection with the mail or persuasive messages they received, they are more likely to engage and act with that message.

Direct Mail marketing gives you this ability to connect on a deeper level and in a more targeted and strategized way. If each marketing mail packet received by a voter would make them feel connected to your campaign’s candidate. This will more likely make it possible for them to trust your campaign and wind up voting in your favor.

Direct Mail Marketing Will Drive Action-Based Results

In a neuromarketing study, Direct mail marketing has a 20% higher response motivational rate than digital media. It also takes 21% less cognitive energy to recall and remember. If you’re interested in having campaign that has an impact, than direct mail marketing has the ability to become more persuasive than digital marketing on its own.

The Social Media Door Is Crowded

People are overwhelmed with media notifications and emails flood their inboxes every day. This influx of information naturally causes voters to go on autopilot. They are not connecting with the branding messages that are meant for connection. This demonstrates the disconnect digital marketing easily fosters. Since, the overwhelming amounts messages are being funneled into one medium, this means other mediums are not as crammed.  This is good news because that leaves physical mailboxes empty and open.

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