It’s Better To Send A letter

Say What You Want When you take the time to write a letter, you have a platform to say anything you like without any interruptions. Sometimes it’s a lot easier to say what you want without any distractions or anyone changing the subject. Even when we are a sending a text to our friends, we […]


The Advantages of Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mailing has long been the most common advertising method in the last decade yet still, a lot of business organizations have been investing billions on it simply because they consider direct mailing to be the most reliable advertising channel. With regards to generating traffic for a business or website, it is more effective than […]

Microsoft Word Mail Merge Tips

Mail merge is a word processing feature which allows users to personalize letters with names and addresses from a database. The five primary steps in setting up a mail-merged letter are : Create the database with fields for the names and addresses of the individuals to send the letter to. Compose the letter by using […]


Where is Mail Merge in Word 2010?

To use Mail Merge: Open an existing Word document, or create a new one. Click the Mailings tab. Click the Start Mail Merge command. Select Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard. The Mail Merge task pane appears and will guide you through the six major steps to complete a merge . You will have a […]