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With the church seeking to reach a larger number of people every service day, direct mail can be very helpful. It is obvious that as much as there are a number of believers who have a place of worship in mind and would not worship anywhere else, there are still plenty people who have not heard of the gospel talk more of having a place of worship. This class of people can be reached and invited to worship in your church during your service hours. It is important to know that no one will come to your church by accident, for them to be in your church, an invitation brought them. Direct mail is a very good way to invite people around to your church and have them fellowship with you.

Direct Mail Doesn’t Require Large Budgets

When it comes to publicity especially when it has to do with churches, it is not necessarily how much that is spent that matters, but how creative you can be to convince members and make them see reasons why they should fellowship with you. Here, no large budget is required. All that is required is for your church to first conduct a feasibility studies and find out where is best to target your invitation to. When this is discovered, that region becomes your target region. Then a mailing list should be created that is comprehensive enough to cover people in that region. Then you begin drafting direct mails that takes the form of an invitation and continually send to that target region. If properly drafted, you are sure to have people begin trooping into your church in no time.

Ensure Your Mailing List Is Informative Enough

When sending direct mail to a neighborhood, make sure that your direct mail contains all the necessary information about your church. This information should include: where your church is located, the days you hold your services and the time each of your services lasts. This way, your prospective members are able to know what to expect when they eventually begin to fellowship with you in your church.

Keep Your Church Mailing List Updated

When you church mailing list has been created, make sure that your list is updated on a timely basis. Know when someone has responded to your direct mail and become a part of your congregation. Also follow up direct mails sent to a neighborhood to be sure that such direct mails are yielding the desired result. Edit and re-edit your list so you can easily take out names of individuals who are already a part of your congregation and fill in new names of other individuals you look forward to being a part of your congregation.

Direct mail remains one of the most effective way to invite people to your church and also keep them updated on activities going on in your church. It is cost effective and helps in creating a relationship between the church and its congregation. Don’t forget to make your list informative enough to convince its target region and also updated from time to time.

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