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Election season is here again and as candidates prep on their different campaign delivery strategies, one only wonders which of them is the most effective. Direct mail has stood the test of time, delivering one president after the next. The effect of direct mail cannot be over emphasized. Studies have shown that direct mail single handedly led Trump to victory. You may ask, why direct mails, why not emails. Well, emails though cheaper and less time consuming have the possibility of getting deleted or tagged as spam even before there’s a chance to read it, if the recipient does not recognize the ‘from’ address. Studies show that millennials appreciate direct mails more than commercial ads on the television and internet. It poses as a personal way of initiating a connection with your voters and telling them about your motives.

The direct mails make candidates seem more approachable and relatable than any ad would. Voters say it is now a key factor in deciding which candidate to vote for

Elections are here again and so is are its registration dates/deadlines and voting dates. Registration dates vary from state to state and can sometimes be confusing if not hard to remember. As a candidate, you can incorporate these deadlines in your direct campaign brochures to ensure that your voters make it to their polling units to lead you to victory. Direct mails can also be used to solicit for political funding and if done right, it is very effective.

As a political candidate, you wants voters of all peer groups to support your campaign, a combination of digital marketing and direct mails will hit the right spot. As a political aspirant using direct mail, you should be conversant with some tricks and hacks about it. Voters are interested in your story. Your direct mail should include key areas like your headline, manifesto, agenda, slogan, pictures, and solutions. Be sure to write them in a way to grasp the readers attention from beginning to end giving them the interest to absorb every detail of your story and portfolio else it will be tossed out as thrash. To increase readability, use bullets, headings, bold colors, paragraphs and simple words to aid understanding. Your direct mail will also need to be brief and concise and not long or boring. It also needs to be interesting to attract the target demographic either millennials, generator Xers or Baby Boomers.

Direct mails together with digital marketing prove an unparalleled force in political campaigns. Your mails should include a website that hosts all information about you and your agenda where readers can go to for information. Also, Social media is a very powerful tool in elections and candidates must tread with caution. Facebook is widely represented across all demographics, candidates can share the content of their direct mails here amongst others. In essence you need to recognize your audience before crafting your message.


Studies show that about 90% of adults prefer political direct mails and find it more reliable than other marketing forms. This information should be utilized to the fullest to propel you to victory.

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