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Direct mailing is a very effective way of achieving your set goals. From advertising your products and services to using it in raising funds for election campaigns and funding nonprofits projects, it has always been very useful. As effective as direct mailing is, we should not forget there are other medium for achieving great results in advertising, fund raising, campaigning and every other thing that direct mailing do. Our thinking should not be focused and limited to direct mails only when there are other mediums we can combine with it to produce better results. One of such mediums is social media. Nearly all active members of the society that you can think of marketing to are on social media. An active social media account has the prospect of exposing your products to millions of people at a go. Combining the pull power of your social media presence with the already effective direct mail campaign strategies would definitely yield better and more effective results than using either of the mediums by itself. How then can you integrate both for the success of your various projects?

Launch Your Products and Campaign Simultaneously on Both

Instead of using either of social media or direct mailing in launching your campaigns, you should consider using both to launch your products simultaneously. You will likely penetrate a bigger audience with this strategy than using one at a time. At anytime, direct mailing and social media would make a perfect fit and give rise to a much better campaign.

Post Your Direct Mail Ads on Social Media

You can use your social media space to further push your direct mail campaigns. By posting your direct mail ads on social media, you are driving more traffic, engaging more conversations and creating fun and awareness about your upcoming campaign. When you send out your mails and postcards later, people would be excited to read your messages because you have teased them about what is coming using your social media space.

Add Your Social Media Handles to Your Direct Mails

Social media helps direct mailing and direct mailing helps your social media followership too. By including your social media username and handles in your mails and postcards and advising prospects to follow you there for more information, you stand a good chance of increasing your social media followership.

Use Your Followers Behaviors to do a Targeted Mailing

It is easier to track individual preferences and behaviors on social media through their likes, retweets and shares. These simple activities would allow you to track the preferences of your prospects and then sending in targeted mails that tend to address their preferences. Targeted direct mails have proven to work better in the past as you are truly speaking to the inner desires of your prospects which naturally would increase the chances of success.

Input Social Links in Your Direct Mails

Since direct mails can only tell a bit of the story, you would be best advised to insert a social media link to the page of a project or the product you are marketing to enhance the effectiveness of your mail. Such a link would take them to the real source of information about what you are soliciting them for and it could be the magic that helps them in accepting your proposals.

Integrating your direct mail campaigns and social media would only help in strengthening the effectiveness of the whole process, so you should consider doing it.

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