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You’ve heard the fuse about direct mail marketing and you’re probably wondering; “What’s it even about? Why so much noise?”

Well, you’re not wrong to wonder about all those, considering that we are in the new age and you expect everything to be digital. Things are digital. Social media marketing is thriving. They are the best means for online marketing, no doubt. But ask yourself what happens when you are looking for an offline marketing strategy that is both effective and encompassing. Now you’re getting it right? You need to launch offline marketing campaigns if you are in the medical field, considering the need to reach even seniors.

There are options like TV, radio and magazine advertising, but even the least of them is usually expensive and worse still, they are not even good for target marketing. You know – just casting your net on open sea and hoping to make the right catch. That’s too general. No doubt, these strategies are effective in their own ways, but when you need to reach a specific audience with your campaign, then the best method has always been through direct mail marketing.

So what is this direct mail marketing everybody is talking about?

Direct mail marketing is a form of advertising that gives you express access to your target patients, allowing you to communicate directly with them through flyers, brochures, postcards, or letters. The main point here is that you are including a ‘call to action’ which can be anything and everything ranging from; free medical advice, discounted services, additional value to the purchase of other services, etc. The idea is to make them see reasons why they need to jump on your action quickly.

Direct mail marketing is in fact the most recommended strategy you’ll use if you have the right target already.

Direct mailing stands out in igniting the need in former patients to contact the practice again. Apart from reaching out to formal patients, you can also create market lead by using direct mails to reach patients that may never have heard of your practice before.

Direct mailing holds some forms of similarity to e-mail market when it comes to reaching and maintaining formal clients. The difference however is that direct mail marketing is mite expensive than email marketing, but you are more guaranteed that direct mails will reach and appeal more to your target audience than email marketing.

If you want to start direct mail marketing, then you’ll need to first know the needed components and get a budget drafted. You’ll need a well drafted budget to be able to determine what your target is and how you’ll best reach them. You’ll need to determine what profit you expect from the service. At this point, the best thing to do is to calculate the number of people you intend the campaign to bring in so you’ll reach at least a break even.


In addition to telling prospects about your special offers and deals with direct mail, you can also consider sending out birthday or recover quick cards to your patients. This may not have an immediate effect, but in the long run, you’ll discover that the relationship it builds will establish you as their first choice when they need any of the services you offer.

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