Direct Mail Marketing Isn’t Dead 2018

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You might be wondering why go to direct mail marketing when you can easily employ digital marketing strategies and harness all its mouth watering benefits.

Many business owners are not ready to engage in direct mail marketing, however direct mail marketing can effectively complement your digital marketing when applied in the appropriate manner.

Direct mail marketing refers to sending direct mail to customers or intending customers based on the data collected such as their location, name, gender and other relevant information.

In order for direct mail marketing to have a positive impact in your business, you have to ensure to get the appropriate message to the right person and at the right time.

Indirect mail marketing rather than relying on the computer screen to communicate with you potential customers you are able to have a direct contact with them, deliver your messages to them by hand thereby making the whole experience feel more personal and cordial.


Direct mail marketing can be effective for almost all business type. Be it a company that offers a business to business (B2B) or business to customers (B2C) service as long as the data collected is accurate and correct.

Notwithstanding, there are certain industries that can benefit more from direct mail marketing strategy than others. Some of which are:

  1. Home Services; in home services such as cleaning, direct mail marketing will be a great asset for you, because it will enable you to meet your customers and potential customers directly at the point where you services will be needed.
  2. Restaurants; Restaurants can utilize this strategy to send offers to customers who are close to their location. Meeting them directly and making them aware of the offers available to them.
  3. Real estate managers; direct mail marketing can help to keep you at the mind of home owners whenever they will be ready to sell.
  4. Business to Business; when a mail is sent directly to a customer’s office especially when the mail is addressed to a particular employee, the mail has a better chance of being attended to than when an e-mail is sent.

However, direct mail marketing should not be your entire marketing strategy. To get a better result you should consider integrating your direct mail marketing strategy with digital marketing or other forms of marketing strategy. While integrating the marketing strategies you should be consistent, experiential and intentional with your approach.

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