Hard Copy Mail Is Still Important To Small Businesses and Here Is Why

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Today, the world we live in is highly digital and fast all thanks to the massive advances in technology. Many businesses have embraced the use of technology like emails, etc.. because of their efficiency. For centuries businesses have made use of paper documents to carry out transactions. Despite its drawbacks, it is still an effective means of transactions for small businesses and here is why:

Digital copies are pretty expensive when compared to the cost of paper. Many small businesses may not be able to afford the devices that are needed to go digital like a computer or a smartphone for example, so they would rather make use of the traditional receipts and paper documents to carry out transactions.

Electronic storage also has some drawbacks. There needs to be constant power to operate the machines. Now everyone knows that a significant challenge for small businesses is finance, so to cut back on added expenses like fueling a generator, they may decide to make use of hard copies to store information.

Also, most small companies deal with their immediate neighbors or community directly. So they would instead send out emails to their customers and in so doing build trust and maintain a cordial relationship with their clients to secure their continued patronage and goodwill. Digital mails are best suited to reach out to more people in diaspora.

As global as the internet and its content is, it can be safely said that not everyone makes use of the internet. For the elderly, they may not know how to make use of its provisions and would rather read a paper. Then for the younger generation, some of its population may not be computer literate while others may want to limit the use of electronic devices to avoid losing too much exposure to the lights from the screens of the devices.

The best way to ensure delivery is to send it through hard copies. The post office delivers the mail to the mailbox of the person written on the envelope. Digital correspondence with on the hand may not get delivered for a number of reasons from wrongly spelled addresses to full inboxes or may even get misplaced and would require expert services to retrieve them.

To design a paper mail is a much easier task than the electronic types. A simple template would suffice or you could just go ahead and write the letter. For the digital mails, there is a lot to worry about from the size of the file, the length and subject titles that would attract the attention of the client and provoke a reaction from them.

As a concluding note, the importance of hard copies cannot be overemphasized, while it is true that soft copies come with some advantages too, the truth is every business would need to write something down at one point or the other. So that, the best bet for every business would be to make use of both hard and soft copies. But for small businesses that cannot afford to go digital, it is okay to make use of hard copies alone and still get the desired results.

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