How To Improve The Effectiveness Of Your Direct Mail Campaigns

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In a world overfilled with digital marketing strategies and various online ad programs, all other forms of digital marketing are still valuable but the main engagement with the client is through direct mail. People think because direct mail is not the frequently used or among the most talked about ad strategy, it’s not used effectively anymore. Wrong! The best way to make use of the direct mail strategy is by mixing it up with digital l marketing, and this can be used by any scale or size of business.

Direct mail campaigning is highly effective because it deals with real-life marketing and the clients are more likely to remember your marketing campaign better. It is a driver of digital action as it’s perfect for drawing people’s attention to your website, ordering things online or product/services sharing.

Here are ways to improve the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign

Combining the direct mail service with digital channels: The use of direct mail to drive digital action is what a lot of people don’t carry out normally because of various reasons but they’re productive and can generate great results. Example is the use of direct mail to drive your clients into digital actions such as sending a direct mail that’s unique to your clients advertising your newsletter, sending through the direct mail a personalized report on key features on your app, website that your customers are not using, a personalized postcard with a VIP invitation to create an account on your website or app, all these can be done using variable data printing.

Putting the direct mail system to use based on digital actions: A client can get a personalized birthday card through the direct mail system on his birthday, loyal customers can be rewarded with a distant coupon through the direct mail system or even a personalized thank you note for their efforts.

Using services set up by your local/national carriers to reach your clients and the potentials which are not on your list. Some of these services do not require addresses just carrier routes where your postcard get delivered to every doorstep on every route you choose.

Data records: Here a list is created that features unique links, landing pages, phone numbers and personalized URLs to keep track of response from a mailing campaign, this helps to know how effective a campaign was.

There are various direct mailing campaigns that can be used to reach your clients and prospects today on the internet, you can check them out.

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