How do I Export Highrise Contacts?

How to Export Contacts

Users with export rights can export or extract contacts from Highrise. If you don’t see an Export link, contact your Account Owner or an admin to grant you export rights.

Export all contacts

Navigate to your Contacts page.

Contacts Tab

Click the Export link on the right side of the Contacts page.

Export Link

Choose the file format you want your contacts in.

Export Format

If you choose CSV or Excel, Highrise will prompt you to choose from two options to export your information. The Highrise ID field is included in both types.

Streamlined: The default option, which exports only columns for which your columns have data.
Complete: Exports all the columns with or without data in your account.

Export Options

If you export less than 100 contacts, an automatic file download will begin. If you export more than 100 contacts, Highrise will send you an email with the file once the export is complete.

The email will come from [email protected] It should take only a few minutes depending on the size of your file.