New Marketing Trends For Direct Mail in 2018

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2018 is definitely a wonderful year for direct mail, particularly as we continue to focus on conventional and digital marketing channels. Let’s take a look at a few of the trends we can expect to see in 2018. All around, it seems like a vibrant, bold, innovative year for direct mail marketing.


Pantone’s color of the year is “Ultra Violet, ” an attention-grabbing purple shade. There will be a motion in the direction of bright, vibrant colors, ideal for sticking out in the mail pile.


Certainly one of the benefits of direct mail ( and the reason it has the largest response rate ) would be the fact it physically exists within your grasp. Touch has the most powerful effect on memory in the brain. So when you add texture to your mailing— embossing, a heavy paper stocks, fascinating shapes or lots of folds—your direct mail performs even harder to interact with your customer.

Foil stamping

Who doesn’t appreciate shiny things? Foil stamping is the best way to be noticed and grab attention in 2018. It’s not only for the holidays!


Consider pop-up books for children, however in this situation, for adults. Dimensional pieces definitely stand out in the crowd. They’re enjoyable, and ideal for promotional and personalized mail.


For the reason that, as humans, we remember messages delivered by means of story-telling much better, stories are the ideal vehicle for conversing through direct mail. You can produce a powerful, unforgettable story via vivid images and crafty copy. Consider what makes your company, brand, and product unique.


Clients and potential customers react a lot more to direct mail ( and digital communications, for that matter ) which is personalized. So, integrate customer names and personal information they can relate to.

Exclusive coupon codes

Exclusive coupon codes produce greater ROI compared to normal coupons. In addition, customers can’t share these codes with their family and friends. Exclusive coupon codes enable you to track customers and obtain more information about them, which can result in better customer profiling.

Multi-channel marketing

Direct mail is very effective. However, it’s all the more effective when coupled with other marketing channels, such as email and social media. Take into consideration a marketing strategy which includes several ways to correspond with your customers for an increased response rate.


However, you decide to mix up your print marketing strategies for 2018, including a variety of print techniques, provides a distinctive and revolutionary way to engage your customers. Consider color, texture, personalization, and story-telling plus various communication channels.

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