New Printing Technology Trends For 2018

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From the increase of managed print systems to the greater than before use of 3D printers , the printing industry has experienced many transformations in the last several years . A lot of printing trends we foresee for 2018 will be business-related , helping companies improve efficiency and collaboration . Here are some examples of on-the-rise trends in printing we showcase in our recent infographic :

Amplified Workflow Digitization

Increasingly more printers are now coming with document capture devices . This enables users to digitize their documents and store data rather quickly and effectively . Finding , accessing and sharing information becomes less complicated with document capture , so a growing number of businesses are using this type of feature .

Automated workflow processes that can effectively link customers , printing systems and services will also increase in demand in 2018 . These automated workflows will allow users to work remotely and keep on printing by means of whichever device they need .

Technology Integration

With the rise of IoT , technology has become more and more integrated . Printers are no different . In 2018 , we can anticipate to see more complex devices make integration simpler , as consumers expect more and more from their printers .

The market for multi-function printers – which could scan , copy and print , among other functions – will also most likely continue to grow in the coming years . Technology providers are searching for ways to add more features and capabilities to these types of devices , so users can look forward to more improved and cutting-edge features on multi-function printers . A3 devices – that are able to handle 11×17-inch paper – will also increase in demand .

Commercial Use for Inkjet Printers

For some time , inkjet printers have been mainly used at home or for minimal volumes of printing at work . We anticipate inkjet technology to develop to the point where the printing devices will be able to compete with digital printing equipment . Small business owners may possibly be able to bring selected limited printing jobs that would have gone to commercial printing presses in house .

Increasing Demand for Document Security

In addition to improved functionality and integration , document security is going to take a front seat in most organizations . Along with digital security measures , businesses such as healthcare organizations and educational institutions are investing in technology that requires ID scanning to gather classified documents .

The printing industry has gone through many thrilling changes of late . Workflows will eventually become increasingly digitized , as businesses search for ways to enhance effectiveness and permit more employees to work remotely . Technology integration will also be crucial within the new printing climate , and it will allow for faster , more efficient commercial printing .

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