Reduce Customer Calls By Outsourcing Your Statement Processing

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As a business owner, you must have come to the realization that the major thing you stand to gain from outsourcing your printing and mailing services is that you get to save time and money. Yes, you save time and have extra cash in your account, but those are just a tiny speck in the list of things you benefit from outsourcing the printing, processing, and mailing of your statements.

So, let’s get right into it, shall we? How is statement mailing related to customer service and how does outsourcing your statement processing benefit you?

The Relationship between Statement Mailing and Customer Service

At this point, you might be wondering “How can customer service be related to statement mailing?” Well, the fact is, outsourcing the mailing of your statements, as well as bills, will cause a substantial decrease in the number of phone calls you get at your call center or office. But how?

  • Your Statements Get Mailed Quickly

By outsourcing your statement processing and mailing, you can be guaranteed a turnaround time of a day or less on regular jobs. Your mails are pre-sorted before they even get to the post office, which ensures that your bills and statements get to doorsteps or mailboxes just a couple of days after you send in your data, no matter where your customer lives. With this, fewer customers get to call about late bills.

  • Your Statements are Given a Simple and Clear Design

One of the great things about outsourcing your statement mailing is that your statements get designed so that they have an amazing look and can be easily read and understood. With these kinds of designs and layouts, you leave fewer customers confused and picking up their phones to call you.

  • You Get a Quality Check Throughout Your Statement Processing

With the quality assurance system that comes with outsourcing your statement processing, you are guaranteed that your mail and print jobs are cross-checked thoroughly throughout the process, right from when your statement information is sent to when your mail gets to the post office. Without any errors on your statement, fewer customers have a reason to call your customer service.

So, How Do You Save By Reducing Customer Service Calls?

Now you’ve been able to connect the dots that link customer service to statement processing, but how does it help you save and how does it benefit you?

  • With fewer customers calling your customer service, it means you get a greater customer satisfaction. It’s all about your customer, isn’t it?
  • Less customer service calls mean you won’t be needing that much customer service representatives. More money in the bank for you!
  • You also get to improve on the quality of your customer service with fewer customers buzzing your phone every minute.
  • Finally, your overall customer support costs reduce since you don’t receive that many calls. You can use that extra cash for other parts of your business.

To Wrap It Up:

You definitely want to run your business smoothly while at the same time reduce your operating costs, and outsourcing your statement processing just happens to be one of the ways you can do that. You save time and money, and also enjoy the many other benefits that come with it.

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