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Are you looking to run for your office? Are you planning a campaign that you wish to impact the people and the community you care about? The best marketing strategy is one that resonates with their audience on a personal and honest level. Direct mail has the advantage to create this experience for you audience. Learn how to use direct mail for your office campaign.

Curate a Personal Political Experience

In a political campaign, the personal is political. Direct Mail gives you the ability to personalize your message in a way that digital media cannot. Organize your campaign’s messages to specific sections of your audience and it will create influence with a deeper personal impact. If an individual feels that there is a personal connection with the mail or persuasive messages they received, they are more likely to engage and act with that message. 

The Print Creates Drive And Action

According to a neuromarketing study in Canada, The motivational impact direct mail marketing has is 20% higher than digital media. This could lead to votes in your favor because you took the route of a direct mail marketing campaign. “Digital marketing requires more brain power than direct mail. This is a critical point because consumers always  prefer the path of least resistance.” The more engaging and less difficult something is to process the more likely a voter will trust your campaign.

Mail Hits Home Because It Arrives In The Home

Locals that are interested in politics will build the foundation of credibility to your campaign. Direct Mail has the ability to push your voters to action more often than. In  a neuromarketing study, the response rate to action was 20% higher than just digital media alone. These are numbers on a larger scale, while if they are limited to a smaller pool. These results may lead into a bigger impact.

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