Political Direct Mail Isn’t Dead

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Many business make the mistake of thinking that direct mail marketing is an archaic way to advertise. However, research and data shows that direct mail drives people to action and has higher percentages of engagement. Learn how political direct mail isn’t dead.

Personal Mail Moves People

 According to USPS, 44% of mail addressed to a specific person is read immediately. 84% of consumers are more likely to open a direct mail piece if it is personalized. 59% of businesses say targeting is one of the top reasons for considering direct mail. If individualize your platform experience you can ensure that it will garner trust and authenticity.

Direct Mail Drives Action

A study shows that in response to direct mail, 64% visited a website and 43% ordered a product online.The physicality of direct mail is unique to due the influx of social media notifications. The medium of mail isn’t as overwhelmed and creates a refreshing and unique experience. If direct mail marketing can motivate your audience to action, then this is a desirable effect on what direct mail marketing can do for your political campaign.

Mail Is Better For Memory

In a neuromarketing study, it takes 20% less energy to process and retain that in information. This makes your mail marketing easy to absorb and hence a pleasurable experience for your audience. This allows your campaign to resonate positively with your audience thus propelling them to remember your candidate’s campaign and ultimately give them your vote.

These statistics demonstrate the power direct mail marketing has, use it to elevate your campaign.

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