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Direct mailing is still a strong way to carry out political campaigns and arguably a means to reaching a targeted audience even with social media, to effectively use this method of campaign it is important to know the political direct mail tips and tricks. With these tips applied rightly and with an understanding of how direct mailing works, people can now know how to effectively send and compose political direct mail.

  1. Perfect your headlines: readers of direct mail do not always go through all the mail, a percentage of them only read through it briefly for the first few second, and this are the percentage to plan for with the headline since the others will look beyond the headlines. In this case ensure that the font used for the headline is legible as tiny fonts can dissuade the readers from proceeding. Make sure to use catchy headlines that communicate your political intentions.
  2. Make your mail readable: people are already in a hurry not to read the mail so it is important to encourage them to do so by making sure the body that follows the interesting headline is readable. Use the right font sizes, that means fonts that are not too small. Use simple sentences that are easy to understand as complicated sentences will discourage readers from reading it through.
  3. Perfect the timing: people’s attitudes change as it draws closer to the election, they become more interested. Working with this time messages can be planned with a scheme that will strike when most effective.
  4. The mail design should not be too busy: the design of the mail has to be catchy but do not get carried away designing as too much can have the negative impression on readers. It is important to keep the design simple and avoid it from being busy. Do not put too many pictures and do not use too many different font sizes.
  5. Use the repetition trick: it is common to hear of mails getting lost and so on, but when you use the repetition wisely, the odds of mails getting lost on some voters can be reduced. Send more than one mail to each recipient repeatedly so that even if one or more gets lost, they still get some of them.
  6. Be strategic about the messages: it is important that political messages sent through direct mail is in sync with other political messages communicated through other forms of media. That includes strategies and candidate’s messages.
  7. Take advantage of the ability to inform a particular target group: this is very important about the use of direct mailing because it is what sets it above the use of social media. Knowing the group of people that can be targeted makes it easier to structure the message in the mail to speak exactly what the candidate wants to say.

In conclusion, direct mailing has its perks and it is important to be able harness it with political direct mailing. From applying the right font, to structuring the message and delivering at the perfect time, all of these makes a political direct mail effective to reaching the right audience, sending the desired message and making sure that it is read.


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