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Late invoice reads all over it “delayed payments”; and that in turn can hinder cash flow in any business, especially when too many customers are involved. However, in businesses, especially growing ones, late invoices sometimes are inevitable, and it instead begs the question: how best can it be managed? It is on this basis that we suggest invoicing with Letter Hub.

Letter Hub is an online platform that majors on printing, processing and mailing for the purpose of helping businesses of all sizes save time, effort, and money. It is a reputable company when it involves you outsourcing your invoices and statements, print jobs, etc.

Here’s what you gain from Letter Hub when you send invoices with them:

  1. INVOICING PROCESS IS ON AUTO-PILOT: with Letter-Hub, you do not have to bother about late invoicing in the first place. The invoicing tool is structured in a way you set regular billing cycles so that if customer-A purchases same product probably on renewal or subscription, it has a subscription billing package that ensures that you do not have to re-prepare repeated invoice on each subscription, and also no need to manually send invoices on the last day of the month.
  2. LINK YOUR EXISTING FRAMEWORK WITH LETTERHUB: you might have weighed the idea of using Letter Hub, but you are still struggling with the fact that your previous form of invoice has gotten enough information that you cannot dispose, Letter Hub offers you a way out- it allows you to merge your current framework with the new style of invoicing; thereby importing your customer’s data into the new invoicing system.
  3. PAYMENT IS FASTER: here’s the fun in online outsourcing with Letter Hub, it allows you the option of asking customers to accept payments online via credit/debit card. So customers see a straightaway method to pay for their services and have no excuse for delay on their path.
  4. ORGANIZED: if you are sending a late invoice, it simply means you are out of time, so why waste more time trying to orchestrate an invoice manually, you know it would involve: listing of projects, goods or services obtained, a list of customers, dates, digging through emails or worse through desk files, simple! Letter Hub is organized enough to keep a track of this, all assets are organized in one place. It is so organized that the issue of late invoicing rarely pops up.
  5. IT TAKES TASKS OFF YOUR TO-DO LIST: Letter Hub allows you already to have created an email template- customizable so that you do not have to compose individual emails with each invoice prepared, and in cases where customers do not pay instantly, there are reminder features.

Letter Hub is reliable and capable not only of handling your invoices but in ensuring you get quality services- thereby fostering your business. Here’s how you reach letter hub:

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