The Benefits of address verification

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An address is an essential part of customer identity. So, it’s important that you have the correct address to ensure high success delivery rates. Inaccurate address data can lead to shipments being delivered to the wrong address, which will definitely lead to customer frustrations, missed sales opportunities, damaged customer loyalty, and a tarnished company.

It’s important that you are using accurate addresses that have been verified. If not, you’d just be wasting time and money, causing nightmares for your business and clients. Using an address verification system will help you avoid all of these problems by ensuring that mail can be sent to the addresses in your list.

The benefits of address verification should be obvious, but it breaks down into two primary categories:

  • Fewer items are undeliverable and thus returned to sender, usually resulting in loss of the sale
  • More items are delivered on time, as they’ll go straight through an automated sort.

The benefits of using a clean and up-to-date address list include:

  • Improves customer service and brand perception
  • Improves the effectiveness of direct marketing activities
  • Real-time address verification: Gets rid of time wastage in fixing data as it validates the address straight away halting any errors at the time of input.
  • Improved ROI: It costs less to correct data at the address capture stage. Mailing effectiveness will help save on postage, printing and most importantly, address correction penalties. You will additionally have the benefit of better returns on your sales/ marketing campaigns and quicker customer payments.

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