The Benefits of Mail Presorting

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Letter Hub’s mail presorting comes with numerous benefits that will help your organization run efficiently. If you send out enough mail to qualify, we can pick up your First-Class Mail and presort it at our facility before delivering it to the post office. Letter Hub’s Pre-sort can be used for mailing checks, letters, invoices, and statements.

Benefits of Presorted Mail

  • Immediate savings on postage
  • No start-up costs
  • Improved mail service
  • Reduces processing time
  • Fewer damaged pieces
  • Sorts handwritten mail

Pre-sort Your Mail & Save Money

You’re probably wondering how will pre-sorting your mail help you save money? Simply put, we organize your mail by zip code, bundle it and place it in trays before delivering it to the post office. Presorting the mail in advance will save the post office time and money, resulting in lower postal rates and internal costs for your business.

What can you send?

  • Invoices
  • Bills
  • Statements
  • Letters
  • Contracts
  • Cards
  • Postcards

Our ability to quickly print, assemble, and sort mail can help your business cut down on cost and improve overall efficiency. Request a free quote to see how much you can save by calling Letter Hub at (877) 882-6245.

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