The Impact of Direct Mail on Elections

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The impact of direct mail is no longer a secret. The physical and tangible effects of direct mail marketing demonstrates statistical and real results. Direct mail still holds a powerful impact in persuading the public to a decision. Are you looking for a strategy that will help you enhance your campaign? Learn how direct mail can have an impact on your election.

Print Still Has Power

In this tech age, many still think that digital marketing is the way to influence, empower, and motivate others. This belief is so prevalent that many have neglected that print still has its own effects and advantages. A neuromarketing firm conducted a study that demonstrated two results:

  1. Direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort to process than digital media, suggesting that it is both easier to understand and more memorable.
  2. Direct mail is more likely to be persuasive because it had a 20% higher response rate than digital marketing ads.

An easily processed message is the one that will resonate with voters memory. A direct mail marketing campaign also influences voters more because of its physical impact.  Incorporating this into a political campaign is one that will yield results. The tangible and physical effects that direct mail marketing has are promising.

People Put Their Trust In Mail

A United Postal Service conducted a survey in November of 2017. The results demonstrates among many findings, the survey found that 68% of all surveyed voters ranked direct mail among their three most credible forms of political outreach. This outpaced competing forms of political outreach such as TV (59%), in home visits (47%) and digital ads (26%).

This direct mail marketing strategy has higher impacts than other forms of digital media. It also is shows that people rely on it more, it resonates easily in their memory, and takes less energy to receive. These three facts demonstrate the impact and power of direct mail marketing. Allow Letterhub to help achieve these goals for your political campaign

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