The Most Common Mail and Postal Terms

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As a business person, knowing every detail concerning your business would be helpful in growing the business. As a person who is into the mailing and postal services, you may know a lot of terms but you would still come across a term that causes you to scratch your head and think a bit about its meaning. Compiled in this write up are common mailing and postal terms and their definitions, with an aim of helping you understand how these services work and can be done faster, more efficiently and for a small fee.

Bulk mail: Large volumes of mail that go through the postal service at subsidized rates.

Certified mail: Mails that consist of packages that are kept on record by the national state carrier.

First class mail: This term is best for personalized mail as they are faster and more efficient and spend a period of 1-3 business working days to be delivered.

Letter tray: They come in various sizes and are used to move per-sorted mail to the post office. There are also standard trays which businesses must use and fill up according to the rules of the national carrier.

Letter-sized mail: This type of mail cannot be larger than 11-1/2 inches long, 6-1/8 inches high, and 1/4 inch thick.

Number 10/9 envelope: The #10 envelope is the size used by businesses to mail out their invoice, statement, and letters while the #9 envelope is known as the return envelope. While mailing a #10 enveloped package that needs a response, the #9 envelope is usually added to it.

Standard and Pre-sorted mail: A standard mail is a mail that is not regarded as a first-class mail while a pre-sorted mail is sorted by the zip code or carrier route before its delivered to the post office.

Additional entry: Serves as a post office other than the original place of entry where periodical publications are mailed to.

AADC: An abbreviation placed on containers labels showing its contents are automated area distribution centre mail

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