The Top 5 Reasons Why Direct Mail is Better Than Email

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Recently, social media and digital marketing are on the rise and many users are beginning to relinquish the use of direct mail to using email to contact their audience.

Most digital personnel will question, why exhaust your marketing budget on direct marketing? Without much argument, the Email and other digital marketing forms are on the rise but that does not negate the fact that direct mail marketing still exists and in fact is better than Email marketing. Direct mail is a good way to reach your audience and connect with them personally without intruding into their personal life.

Direct mail is still a relevant part of marketing and cannot be completely overlooked in the marketing mix. Take a look at the reasons below to understand why direct mail is better than Email.

  1. No Permission Needed. When using mail there is no need to get the permission of your recipient before you can reach them unlike in the emailing system where the recipient permission is needed. With Direct mail, you need not worry whether your recipient is subscribed to your email list before you can pass your message to them.
  2. Direct Mail is Physical. Indirect mail there is a one-to-one contact with your customer and this is far more compelling than email. With direct mail you are always sure of your message will get to the home and hands of your recipient. Emails might not be so lucky to make it pass through the spam wall, even when it gets to your inbox the probability of it being deleted the moment is viewed is far higher than the probability of a well-packaged newsletter being discarded.
  3. There Is An Emotional Connection In Direct Mail. Direct mail marketing has the ability to connect to your recipient emotionally and hence make your customers more loyal to your brand. Research has it that physical messages stir up more emotional response than the virtual message.
  4. Direct Mail Is More Effective Than Email. An email will not last so long in the inbox before it will be deleted but direct mail can be lying on the desk for weeks and will eventually be attended to. Even when your target audience has moved on a direct mail remains relevant as it will be handed over to the next person in charge, with that you would have been able to make contact with another person and business continues but an email will bounce back or go into spam mail.
  5. Direct Mail Marketing Has a Greater Response rate. Direct mail has a higher response rate when compared to an email. The response rate for an email message is 1 to 1000 while that of direct mail is 1 to 25 which makes it much more profitable than using an email.

The success rate of direct mail cannot be overemphasized, hence the need for business owners to have a rethink and embrace the many advantages offered by direct mail.

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