Tired Of Unpaid Invoice? Learn How To Deal With Them

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Tired Of Unpaid Invoice? Learn How To Deal With Them

As a freelancer, unpaid invoices can get frustrating. Especially when you put in extra effort to get the work done. Unfortunately, about 1 out of 15 clients are like to pay an invoices late or not pay at all.

Considering how often you might come across such clients, you need steps to help you ensure clients pay up their invoices. Following these steps can also give you a stronger case if you decide to take legal action.

Make Invoices And Contracts For Your Clients

Invoices are receipts which records the transactions between you and your clients. But to ensure your client pays up when you send them their invoice, you also need to make a contract. Contracts are binding and gives you a solid case if you decide to go to court. With a contract you and your client can decide on the terms of the arrangement before sealing the deal.

For genuine clients, signing a contract will be no big deal. Such clients might even understand your purpose for making a contract. Any client who refuses to sign a contract is most likely going to try to double-cross you. If you really want to make sure you get paid, try not to miss this step,

Deposit Before Final Work Submission

Asking for a deposit before you deliver the project is a great way to guarantee payment. You can ask for a 20 to 50% deposit for starting the work.

Some clients might be skeptical about placing a deposit on the chances that your delivery might have an issue. This concern is justified. As long as the client is ready to pay, you can make a compromise which will be beneficial to both parties. This compromise can be – you deliver a part of the work first and get paid a particular percent and if the client is content with the work, both parties can proceed to completing the deal.

If you come across a client that’s skeptical about deposits, don’t dismiss them. Clients get double crossed also. Instead try to convince them.

Ensure Your Invoices Are Up To Standard

So many freelancers underestimate the importance of a standard invoice and decide to request costs by sending emails. This looks unprofessional and too casual, giving your clients a reason not to take you seriously. Making a standard invoice is great for your professional image. With the right invoice tools, you’ll realize invoicing is: less stress, optimum results.

Be Ready To Take Legal Actions For Unpaid Invoices

Taking legal action is quite tasking but if you really want to get your money from unresponsive clients, it might become necessary. Before taking legal actions, consult with your attorney first. Your attorney can help you decide how strong your case is and if it’ll be worth it. Following important protocol with contracts and invoices will give you a great case against the client.


No one should have to deal with unpaid invoices after putting effort into their work. These steps above will get your prepared to handle unresponsive clients. Remember, if you can keep up with your side of the deal, then they should too!

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