Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Printing Service

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Stop Preventable Downtime

Printers appear to know when you need them the most and with 39% of all business processes still needing paper documents, downtime could be expensive. When you outsource your printer service to a skilled professional, you can be assured that proactive maintenance will significantly decrease unforeseen problems. More modern printers have advanced diagnostics that an experienced professional can use to forecast issues before they happen to provide you with less printer “emergencies”.

Get rid of Staff Distractions

A newly released study showed that 27% of all IT help desk calls were printer related. Whenever you send a high-value worker to fix a printer, odds are you’re taking them away from a greater value task. In the majority of office, the printer is also a point of the social congregation so when there’s a problem, the issue could be contagious requiring individuals to print elsewhere, send the job to a commercial printer, or wait around idle until the printer is repaired.

Longer Equipment Life

The life expectancy of any device with as many in motion parts is generally an immediate consequence of how well it has been maintained. In addition, the inner temperature required to fuse toner to a piece of paper adds to the requirement for appropriate care and cleaning. Watch someone clean the inside of a printer and you won’t imagine the paper dust and toner particles that clog up the paper throughput and fusing areas. By simply sustaining a printer properly, your small business will be able to extend the life of any printer and decrease the capital or costs required to buy or lease a printer.

Outsourcing printer service is now the norm for the majority of small to medium-size businesses. Perhaps it’s time for you to consider an on-site service provider before your printer starts flashing again or you get that irritating pop up on your print driver!

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