Top 5 Direct Mail Marketing Trends For 2018

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Direct mail marketing is making a comeback. Digital ads and email can be such oversaturated channels. So, it’s not always easy to differentiate yourself from your competitors. This is why we’re starting to see more of an appreciation for direct mail marketing in 2018. Here are the top 5 Direct Mail Marketing Trends for 2018.

Knowledgeable internet marketers are leading the way with the top of the line design methods, marketing technology and mailing strategies that are making direct mail entirely incorporated with their digital as well as other offline efforts.

Direct Mail Marketing Trends For 2018

Always keep direct mail style and design simplistic and straightforward.

“The world is full of digital turmoil, intricacy, and uncertainty. What a lot of audiences searching for is a return to truthfulness and simpleness. Minimalism is the way forward: a picture with an obvious and stylish objective will succeed. Keep text brief and to the point. Increase white space and find a structure that’s simple, clean and genuine. Remember, less is more .”

2. Large direct mail pieces stand out from the crowd.

“When there’s a glut of mail, huge pieces demand attention . in spite of the substantial postage savings from mailing smaller-sized pieces that fit USPS standards for automated processing, I’m observing many direct marketers mail huge, oversized postcards and envelopes.”

3. Select colors prudently.

“Color is just about everything. Your selection of color could make or break a great print design. However are you aware that colors have the potential to alter our mood? Color professionals Pantone have made public their color trends for 2018, and they’re quite interesting. In accordance with Pantone executive Leatrice Eiseman, if you wish to look “resourceful”, opt for blues and oranges; yellow is “playful”, pink is “discrete”, and gold is “sophisticated”. Or, you’re desiring to reach a diverse crowd, go with rosy tones; “this palette reaches out and embraces a variety of cultures.”

4. Get innovative by including distinctive folds to the design.

“Endless folds: Produce an exciting mail piece by taking a regular, folded piece and developing a brand new look with never-ending folds. These transcend touch by requiring individuals to use the piece, unfolding again and again to reach the next page. They create a desire to see more by strengthening people’s curiosity. What will they find on the next fold ?”

5. Convey a story by means of visuals combined well with the written content.

“In 2018, storytelling will be an important aspect of print marketing. Consider utilizing strong and powerful visual images to express some facet of your brand narrative. Perhaps the image corresponds to your ethos, your history, your future, where you’ve originated from, or exactly where you’re going. Maybe it basically encapsulates your latest product, or some part of your brand character. Now intermix this with a written copy. Not the kind of informative stuff that everyone’s swamped with, however, the story that makes your brand special. Because everyone loves a good story right ?”

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