What Can You Mail? 78 Interesting Things To Know

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What Can You Mail?

People have all kinds of questions about the things that they can mail. One would think that people only mail letters and common items and products. However, that’s not the case at all. There are many different things that you can send via mail that you probably didn’t know or even thought of. In this article, you will gain more insight into the questions that people have as it pertains to what you can and can not mail.

Here are answers to 78 of the most frequently asked questions about what you can mail

1. Can you mail money?

You can mail money if you want to. Currently, the Post Office doesn’t prohibit people send cash via mail. However, there are risks in doing this. It’s recommended that you send money via money order or personal check so that you can stop payment in case it gets lost. You won’t be able to do this with cash, and you can’t trace it either.

2. Can you mail quarters?

If you’ve ever thought about mailing quarters, you should know that it can be done. You certainly can mail quarters. However, don’t try to mail a lot of them because the envelope might break. People send coins in the mail all the time.

3. Can you mail yourself?

Mailing yourself might seem like a cool idea. However, you shouldn’t because it is illegal to ship a person; this includes shipping yourself. You can’t mail yourself in a box.

4. Can you mail 4X6 envelopes?

Yes, you certainly can mail 4X6 envelopes if you want to. The size of your mail will affect the price that you pay.

5. Can you mail 5×7 postcards

It’s not expensive to mail postcards at all. You can mail 5×7 postcards without any issues.

6. Can you mail 9×12 envelopes

You can mail 9×12 envelopes. You can mail large envelopes with ease as long as you have the required postage stamps.

7. Can you mail divorce papers?

You can mail divorce papers. However, it also depends on the state that you live in. In most states, you won’t be able to deliver your own divorce papers.

8. Can you mail frozen food?

Surprisingly, you can mail frozen food. However, you’ll have to figure out how to keep frozen. One option is to make use of Dry Ice.

9. Can you mail gift cards?

You definitely can mail gift cards. USPS even has a mailing service that is for the mailing of gift cards.

10. Can you mail hand sanitizer?

You can mail or ship hand sanitizers with USPS Retail Ground or even Parcel Select. You should also keep in mind that hand sanitizers are flammable and are considered to be hazardous matter. So, there are restrictions on the number of hand sanitizers that you can mail.

11. Can you mail nail polish?

You certainly can mail nail polish. However, nail polish can be flammable so there are restrictions on its shipping. if you want to send nail polish in the mail, you can go right ahead and do it.

12. Can you send nonperishable food in the mail?

You can send nonperishable food in the mail. Most food items that are nonperishable can be mailed. However, they have to be properly packaged.

13. Can you mail Lysol Spray?

Lysol Spray can be mailed via domestic mail. However, you can’t mail Lysol Spray internationally.

14. Can I send chocolate in the mail?

You can send chocolate in the mail. You just have to make sure that it’s packaged properly.

15. How Do I Mail Clorox Wipes?

If you have small quantities of flammable sanitizers, you can certainly mail them domestically via USPS Retail Ground or Parcel Select.

16. Can you send rubbing alcohol in the mail?

You can send rubbing alcohol in the mail but it has to be in small quantities due to the fact that it’s flammable and hazardous.

17. Can I mail peroxide?

Peroxide can be mailed in small quantities domestically. It all depends on the quantity and concentration.

18. Can you mail 1040 to the IRS?

Yes, you can mail 1040 to the IRS. However, it can take up to 8 weeks for them to process it. So, that’s something that you’ll have to keep in mind.

19. Can you mail eggs?

Eggs can certainly be mailed domestically. You will need to ensure that they packaged and cushioned properly so that they don’t break.

20. Can you mail food?

You are able to mail food. Perishable items have to be taken into consideration when deciding to mail food. You don’t want to mail food items that will deteriorate.

21. Can you mail soda?

Yes, you can mail soda. Carbonated beverages aren’t restricted because they aren’t considered to be hazardous materials.

22. Can you mail a 3×5 card?

Yes, you can mail a 3×5 card without any issues. Prices will vary based on the size of your card.

23. Can you mail 4×4 envelopes?

Yes, you can mail 4×4 envelopes. However, prices will vary depending on the size of your envelopes or cards.

24. Can you mail baked goods?

If you want to mail baked goods, you certainly can. You can mail or ship baked goods like cookies, cupcakes, and more.

25. Can you mail dry ice?

You certainly can mail dry ice provided that it is being used as a refrigerant or for cooling purposes. Restrictions may apply.

26. Can you mail envelopes with wax seals?

You most definitely can mail envelopes with wax seals. It is generally safe and won’t be an issue if you decide to do so.

27. Can you mail jumbo cards?

Jumbo cards will cost you more money to mail. You can definitely mail jumbo cards. The bigger the card, the more you’ll have to pay.

28. Can you mail jewelry?

Yes, you can mail jewelry; you just have to ensure that it’s packaged correctly so that your jewelry doesn’t get damaged.

29. Can you mail magnets?

You can mail magnets. The magnets can’t be too big. If they are, you might need extra postage to mail them.

30. Can you mail plants?

It is perfectly fine to mail plants in the United States as long as they aren’t prohibited.

31. Can you mail seeds?

It is legal to mail seeds in the US. However, if you try to mail seeds outside of the US, then that might not be the case. You will also most likely have to fill out a customs form.

32. Can you mail something without a return address?

You can mail something without a return address. However, if the mail is undeliverable, the postal service will not be able to return it to you.

33. Can you mail USPS at UPS?

Unfortunately, you can’t mail USPS at UPS. The Post Office isn’t going to accept it.

34. Can you mail vitamins?

You can mail vitamins. So, you shouldn’t face any issues. You can also mail supplements as well.

35. What can you not send in the mail?

You can’t send anything that is considered to be illegal or that could be used to hurt others in the mail. There are restrictions and guidelines on what you can and cannot send.

36. Can you send fruit in the mail?

You can only mail nonperishable food items in the mail. In this case, you can’t send fruit in the mail, unless it’s in a dry condition.

37. Can you mail a banana?

You can certainly mail a banana. You will just have to ensure that it’s packaged and sealed properly so that it doesn’t spoil.

38. Can you mail a brick?

As unusual as this may sound, you certainly can mail brick to anyone in the United States. There are even companies out there that will handle all of your brick mailing needs for you.

39. Can you mail beer?

You can mail beer in the United States. However, you will need to have a license or the proper paperwork to do so. There are laws that pertains to the mailing and shipping of beer.

40. Can you mail on Sunday?

If you are thinking about mailing on a Sunday, you should know that you certainly can. The Postal Service does deliver Priority Mail on Sundays.

41. Can you mail ashes?

You certainly can send ashes through the mail. However, to send ashes or cremated remains, you can only do so by using Priority Mail Express.

42. Can you mail fireworks?

You can’t mail fireworks in the United States; the mailing of fireworks is banned in the United States by the Postal Service.

43. Can you mail champagne?

The USPS will not allow you to mail champagne or any alcohol beverage. It’s actually not legal. However, that also depends on if you’re licensed to do so or not.

44. Can you mail Kombucha?

You certainly can mail Kombucha in the United States. Just make sure that the container that it’s in is safe and secure.

45. Can you mail bear spray?

It’s perfectly to carry bear spray. However, mailing it might not be so easy because it can be considered to be hazardous. You can mail bear spray because there are retailers that will ship it to you.

46. Can you mail homemade envelopes?

It is perfectly fine to mail homemade envelopes. If you’re into DIY envelopes, then you can certainly mail them.

47. Can you mail homemade cookies?

If you’re thinking about mailing homemade cookies, you can do it without any issues. If you want, you can mail your cookies via USPS, UPS, or FedEx. If you bake them, then you can mail them.

48. Can you mail homemade postcards?

If you like making your own postcards, then you should know that you can mail them through the postal service.

49. Can you mail cheese?

There isn’t anything wrong with mailing cheese. You definitely can do it.

50. Can you mail homemade macarons?

Yes, if you want to mail macarons that you made at home, you can do it. Package it correctly and you should be good.

51. Can you mail homemade food?

Most homemade foods are safe for mailing. The same goes for baked foods.

52. Can you mail homemade wine?

Due to laws, you won’t be able to mail homemade wine to anyone in the United States. It’s actually illegal. Only companies that have a contract with UPS or that are licensed can mail wine.

53. Can you mail homemade jam?

Yes, you certainly can mail mail homemade jam. You can mail your jam via USPS Priority Mail Cubic.

54. Can you mail homemade beef jerky?

It’s perfectly fine to mail homemade beef jerky, turkey, and so on. If you to mail it, you can.

55. Can you mail homemade banana bread?

Mailing banana bread that is homemade can be done and isn’t an issue at all.

56. Can you mail homemade candy?

If you make your own candy, you can mail it to someone else. People mail candy quite often. You can do the same too.

57. Can you mail homemade chocolate?

Sweets like chocolate that you make from the comfort of your home can be sent via mail.

58. Can you mail homemade fudge?

Homemade fudge can stay fresh for a good while, so you definitely can mail homemade fudge.

59. Can you mail homemade jelly?

Yes, you can mail homemade jelly or jam. It’s even easier if you do it via USPS.

60. Can you mail homemade muffins?

You can easily mail or ship homemade muffins. You can mail all kinds of baked goods.

61. Can you mail ice cream?

You can mail ice cream. However, you will need to mail it with dry ice so that it doesn’t melt. Dry ice is the recommended when mailing ice cream.

62. Can you mail to a PO Box?

Being able to mail to a PO Box in the United States shouldn’t be a problem at all. You can easily mail or ship to a PO Box.

63. Can you mail uhaul boxes?

Yes, if you want to mail uhaul boxes, you can certainly do it. You can take the boxes that you want to mail to the Post Office.

64. Can you mail a key in an envelope?

It’s not uncommon for people to mail a key in an envelope. However, the important thing is that you don’t put it in a regular envelope because the key can tear through the envelope and get lost.

65. Can you mail Adderall?

No, you can’t mail Adderall through the mail. The only exception to this is unless you are licensed to do so. You would have to be a pharmacist or a medical provider.

66. Can you mail vegetables?

Yes, you can safely mail vegetables. You can safely wrap your fruits and vegetables and mail them.

67. Can you mail glow sticks?

You will be able to mail glow sticks as long as they aren’t hazardous. People have mailed glow sticks before without any issues.

68. Can you mail hot sauce?

Yes, you certainly can mail hot sauce. Certain condiments like hot sauce can be mailed.

69. Can you mail license plates?

If you want to mail license plates to the MVC OR DMV, you can do it. This is a common way for people to surrender their plates.

70. Can you mail earrings in an envelope?

There aren’t any restrictions that would prevent you from mailing earrings in an envelope. Yes, you can mail earrings in an envelope.

71. Can you mail lotion?

You are certainly allowed to mail lotion and other non-flammable liquids via USPS.

72. Can you mail brownies?

Baked goods like brownies can be mailed. If you make brownies at home and you want to mail them, then you can go ahead and do exactly that.

73. Can you mail gold?

The average person can safely mail gold via the United States Parcel Service. It can also be insured as well.

74. Can you mail something without a stamp?

If you decide to mail something without a stamp, it will end up being returned to you, the sender. Also, the person receiving the letter or will will have to pay for the missing stamp.

75. Can you mail something without a name?

Yes, you can mail something without a name. In most cases, the receiver will still get the mail that you intended for them to receive.

76. Can you mail something with a box?

If you want to mail something with a box or in a box, you can. That won’t be a problem at al.

77. Can you mail something without a zip code?

Technically, you can mail something without a zip code. However, it will most likely be delayed or even misrouted. So, even though you can mail without a zip code, it’s best to not do it.

78. Can you mail something without an envelope?

Yes, you certainly can mail something without an envelope. However, you will need to keep in mind that the receiver will have to pay or the postage stamp if it doesn’t already have one.

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