Why You Should Send Regular Invoices To Your Clients

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The sole purpose of invoices are to remind your clients of sale transaction terms. These transaction terms include the prices, the products or services and in what quantity. In other words, you send an invoice to clients to remind them of how much they owe you.

Sending an invoice is not as expensive as sending hardcopy receipts. Invoices can simply be generated online with internet, hence you can send invoices as regularly as possible. In working with clients, it is important that you send invoices regularly. Some of the reasons include:

  • To keep records: Invoices are a great way to keep records for both you and the buyer. In an invoice you include the list of products or services and the price for each. This helps you and the client know exactly what is being paid for. It is also helpful for future references.
  • Payment date: On an invoice, there is a section made out for you to state what date the payment is due. This allows your client know how much time they have to pay for your products or services. This could be in a few days, weeks or months. Sending invoices regularly reminds client of how much closer they are getting to the payment date.
  • Update transaction terms: In situations where the terms of a transaction changes, it is important to update the invoice with the new changes and send again.
  • Answer Queries: Sending invoice regularly makes it easier and faster to answer queries. In dealing with invoices and clients, there might be inaccurate information included in the invoice details. For a situation like this, invoicing regularly makes it easier and faster to respond to queries from customers and make necessary changes.
  • Reminders: It is almost certain that at some point in your business, you will come across one or two clients who won’t pay up on time. Some clients might give you reasons for their inability to pay up and ask for an extended date. Some clients might fail to make payments without a reason why. In this situation sending regular invoices can serve as a reminder to such clients and also let them know the fixed time you expect to be paid.

Sending regular invoices to clients gives you a firmer grip on the transactional process of your business. If you have been invoicing your clients irregularly, it is advisable that you take on regular invoicing for more efficient results.

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