Why Your Business Should Try Direct Mailing

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Despite technological advancements and invention of many social platforms, direct mailing has soldiered on as an important form of business communication, unmatched in effectiveness and reach. Businesses still rely on it as an easy way to communicate with stakeholders, marketers use it for effective marketing and customer complaints are still best expressed through direct mail. Here, we’ve highlighted three reasons why you should still use direct mails for business communications.

Inbox Overload

Think about the number of emails you get daily. Most of them are even junks. How often do you open these emails? Maybe a lot less than you get them. This is not something unique to you. A lot of other business owners get more emails than they want to read too.

Check your inbox, it is filled with sales offers, personal communication, news and gossips. None of these is bad, but their presence may mean that important business correspondence is pushed down to a rank that you’ll possibly not visit soon.

How does this affect your business reach? Your prospects face the same issues. They may wake up, select all messages and delete, that way, all your well-planned sales messages go down the drain without getting to your target. Direct mail offers a solution to this. People hardly throw away physical emails without reading them. This way, the job is cut out for you to make writing as captivating as possibilities. No much scare of ‘trashing without reading.’

The Personal Touch

If you have stayed a while in the marketing space, you’d have known the need to give your business a personality when presented to your potential client. This is something you’ll struggle to achieve with email. Potential clients want to feel your business. They want to see it sitting there on the couch with them while the deal is being offered. We are in a time of technological multitasking. Once the client picks up a mobile phone or puts on his/her computer, the possibility of being distracted topples. Imagine reading your mail while a notification pops up of 30 other unread mails or 20 new Facebook notifications. The client will naturally hurry through your email to see what’s happening in the other platforms. Direct mail offers you the opportunity to talk directly with your prospect. You get to step into their space the moment they open the piece.

Forget emails, it will take a lot for them to fight for attention during a busy day. Use direct mailing to join your prospects right on the roundtable.

You need to get your sales piece in the hands of your prospects before letting the sales copy do the job.

Direct Mails Last Longer

When marketing your business, you want potential and actual customers to remember your marketing efforts for an extended period. Most people will clear their emails daily, weekly or monthly to accommodate new ones. Chances exist that you mail will not cut such massive deletes. Direct mails are different. They are hardly thrown away unconsciously. They’ll remain on the prospects table for a long period, and he/she can refer back to the mail after a long time to check out relevant information.


Of course, you can’t take away the fact that email and most other forms of mailing are revolutionary and have their advantages to the business world, but direct mailing has proven to be the solution when it comes to adding a personality to mails and having them hit the right spot in a prospect’s mind.

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