Win Your Election With A Targeted Mail Campaign

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Direct Mail gives an upper hand that digital media campaigns cannot provide. Direct mail is physically more engaging to the brain and allows readers to connect to the messages you’re sending. Learn how to win your election with a targeted mail campaign.

Personalization Drives Engagement

According  to statistics from the USPS, 44% of mail addressed to a specific person is read immediately. 84% of consumers are more likely to open a direct mail piece if it is personalized. 59% The Motivation and Trust lies in Print

According to a neuromarketing study in Canada, The motivational impact direct mail marketing has is 20% higher than digital media. It also requires 21% less cognitive energy to process and retain the information.  This study also demonstrates, “ Digital marketing requires more brain power than direct mail. This is a critical point because consumers always  prefer the path of least resistance.” The more engaging and less difficult something is to process the more likely a voter will trust your campaign. of businesses say targeting is one of the top reasons for considering direct mail. If individualize your platform experience you can ensure that it will garner trust and authenticity.

Millennials Are Still Into Print

According to USPS, 24% of businesses allows the misconception that millennials are only reachable through media. However, this isn’t the case. Millennials are overwhelmed by the amount of notifications that they get from social media. This allows other media avenues to become refreshing and actually more engaging. USPS study shows that “Millennials are actually more likely than previous generations to scan, sort, read, and share the mail they receive.”

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