You Can Win Your Election With Direct Mail

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Learn how direct mail marketing can change the course of your campaign. Social media and digital marketing isn’t the only way to gain and track your audience. Look at all these ways that physical and tangible marketing affects people’s minds.

Direct Mail is More Likely To Motivate Action

According to the USPS, “Direct mail is more likely to triggers activity in the ventral striatum, an area in the brain responsible for motivation. 56% of consumers who responded to direct mail went online or visited the physical store.” The effects in these kinds of campaign is transferable to a political campaign. If you want voters to be motivated towards your campaign than direct mail is more likely to persuasive. It will definitely ensure voters to act in your favor on election day.

Direct Mail Has Impact on Younger Audiences

According to USPS data, 24% of businesses allow the perception that younger audiences aren’t’ attracted to mail media to work against them. Research shows that “millenials are more likely than previous generations to scan, sort , read, and share the mail that they receive.” In fact that overwhelming amount of digital overload that millennials receive in today’s tech age, makes mail marketing a refreshing avenue. Using direct mail marketing will make younger audiences trust your campaign more often than not.

Direct Mail Is Easier to Process

In a neuromarketing study, the results demonstrated that mail marketing campaigns requires 21% less of cognitive energy. This actually makes it easier to process and allows more memory recall. If you want voters to remember and actually to be motivated by your campaign, direct mail marketing yields those kinds of results. Through direct mail marketing you can have a engaging, memorable, and motivating campaign. All of these things are things you want your voters thinking about on election day.

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