Dental Providers
Taking the task of printing and mailing patient statements off your plate.

Statement Printing & Mailing Services For Dental Providers

Dental providers have a lot on their hands with ensuring that their patients get the care that they need. While dentists are busy taking care of their patients, office managers are busy handling all of the paperwork and making appointments.

With a lot of vital work to do, it can be difficult to the find the time to print and mail your patient statements in your dental office. At Letter HUB, we specialize in helping dental offices print and mail their patient statements.

We have worked with:

• Dentists.
• Dental offices.
• Orthodontists.
• Dental surgeons.
• Oral surgeons.
• Maxillofacial surgeons.
• Periodontists. • Pediatric dentistry offices.
• Prosthodontists.

Taking the Task of Printing and Mailing Patient Statements Off Your Plate

Using Letter HUB’s services, you simply upload your patient billing data you need to print and mail to our secure and protected server and we’ll handle the rest. Your patients get statements in only a few days and you don’t have to be concerned with printing, folding, stuffing, metering, or mailing them.

We help dentists and dental offices with a range of mail items, including:

• Statements.
• Invoices.
• Appointment reminders.
• Newsletters.
• Letters.
• Notices.
• Marketing pieces.

We’ve helped numerous dentists and dental offices outsource their printing and mailing processes–and we can help yours, too. Get started today!

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