Collections Letters That Get You Paid
Letter HUB offers an ingenious and modern solution that incorporates collections letters into your entire client communications strategy and gets you paid.

Automatic & Triggered

Traditionally, it’s been extremely hard to include collections letters into your accounts receivable processes without a considerable amount of manual work. Until recently! With our programmatic APIs and modern developer tools you can streamline the entire process.

Personalized & Persuasive

LetterHUB allows your business to deliver highly customized collections letters that deliver meaningful results. Our system will provide you with insight into what’s working and what isn’t.

Fast & Accurate

If your collections letter doesn’t reach the correct recipient quickly, then your letter won’t be as effective. Our proprietary printing and mailing system will ensure that your letters reach the intended person at the right time.

Fully Compliant

Improper delivery of your collections message can lead to customer complaints, lawsuits, and even monetary damages. Our letters are fully compliant with all federal and state regulations such as the FDCPA and UDAAP.

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