We help government agencies cut down on the cost of their printing and mailing needs.

Statement Printing & Mailing Services For Government Agencies

Even though certain industries can easily shift to electronic notifications for some of their correspondence, government agencies, such as court systems or municipalities, must nevertheless mail paper letters, statements, bills, and notifications for several different reasons. In some instances, government agencies have to mail out hundreds or thousands of pieces of mail on a regular basis, which could put an enormous strain on both government employees as well as the office’s printers and other machinery. Additionally, these mailings are costly, and taxpayer dollars will end up being used to cover the costs.

At Letter HUB, we help numerous government agencies with their printing and mailing needs, from jury questioners and summons to tax bills and late notices to official governmental notices. Not only can we get jobs done fairly quickly and precisely, but we can get it done for significantly less money than your agency can.

We can help an array of government agencies with the printing and mail processing, including :

  • Municipalities/City councils.
  • Parks and recreation.
  • City courts or county courts.
  • Parking commissions.
  • Transportation agencies.
  • Police departments.
  • Redevelopment agencies.
  • Development services.

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