Medical Billing
We help medical providers save time and money.

Medical providers have some of the most crucial jobs in the world: they are tasked with keeping everyone healthy and safe and happy, from the time that we are born until the moment that we die. All medical providers are confronted with life and death circumstances, considerable stress, and very long hours–whether they run a family practice or work in an emergency room.

At Letter HUB, we recognize that medical providers have a lot on their mind, which requires them to concentrate on their patients above all else. As a result, we are pleased to help them with office tasks that divert their team from their more essential work. Since we began operation, we certainly have helped all kinds of medical providers, such as medical equipment companies and medical billing companies, with their printing and mailing needs.

We have a long history of assisting medical providers and medical equipment providers with all of their invoice printing and mailing needs. All you need to do is upload the information you have to our secure and protected servers, and within 24 hours, your invoices, statements, letters, bills, notices will be printed, folded, inserted, posted and delivered to the post office and on their way to your patients.

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