Do You Need Extra Postage To Mail A Gift Card?

Gift Card Postage

When it comes to gift cards, you definitely can send them through the mail. It’s quite common for people to mail gift cards. When it comes to gift card postage, you will generally only require 1 stamp. So, you won’t need extra postage to mail a gift card. Regular gift cards will weigh 1-2 ounces on average. If your gift cards weigh more, then that’s when you would end up needing extra postage.

You can easily mail gift cards via the U.S. Postal Office. In fact, they have a special flat rate for priority mail that is for gift cards. You can use a padded envelope for your gift cards. You most likely will not need extra gift card postage if you’re just sending regular gift cards. You will pay $0.55 for gift card postage or stamp.