How To Create a Subdivided Budget in QuickBooks

Create a subdivided budget:

  • Select the Gear icon then Budgeting.
  • After that click Add Budget on the top-right corner.
  • Enter the required information:
    • Budget Name
    • Budget Fiscal Year
    • Interval: Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual
    • Pre-Fill Data (select no/from previous year)
    • Subdivide by, select:
      • Do not subdivide
      • Location (maybe asked for Business, Department, Division, Territory, Store, etc)
      • Classes
      • Customer( Asked for Client, Donor, Member, Guest, Patient, Tenant, etc)
    • Note: Subdivided new field will appear on the selected fields.
  • Click next.
  • Then select the category.
  • After that enter the budget amounts, then click save at the lower right.
  • Enter budget amounts for all subdivided categories.
  • Click save and close.